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I note you charge by the hour, on average how much ironing would that cover? Average washing basket? More/less?

In an hour we iron approximately 8 shirts T-shirts take less time and larger items such as like bedding and fussy items take longer.

How would we ‘package’ the ironing and how would we get it back? Folded, on coat hangers, would we supply hangers etc.

You send your ironing to us in washing baskets or bags, anything that ensures your ironing is contained so as to avoid any lost items. We label it all so you don’t need to worry about that.

We return your items folded back into your basket or packaged in polythene bags. All hanging items are returned on hangers (we provide wire hangers if you do not provide your own and ask that you return them with your next load of ironing.) in labelled polythene bags. If you have any specific requirements we ask that you put a note in with your ironing s we are aware of them.

Do you prefer to have a slot booked for the same time each week or can this be altered each week depending on ironing amounts?

You can book a weekly or fortnightly collection. (a lot of customers find that this helps them organise their ironing by helping with a routine) or you can phone when you have enough ironing to be done.

How do we pay?

We ask for patment on delivery of your ironing. We accept cash, credit/debit card or cheques.

Is there a contract and notice period required to terminate services?

There is no contract or notice period.

If you do book a regular service, we do ask that you let us know if there won’t be any ironing on a particular day to save us any wasted journeys.

Could we book an hour slot but twice a week or would you prefer a two hour slot once a week?

If you have two hours ironing a week it is more cost effective for you to have a collection once a week.

If you have any other questions or would like to organise an ironing collection done with us you can either email or give the office a call on 01926 832630.

If there is no answer in the office please leave us a message so that we can organise it for you.